10 Best Disney Movie Recommendations Not Cartoons that Make You Baper, Full of Haru – Romantic Stories

10 Best Disney Movie Recommendations Not Cartoons that Make You Baper, Full of Haru – Romantic Stories

https://grillhousecafesanmarcos.com/ – Apart from being popular with various animated cartoon films, Disney also presents a number of the best non-animated films that are fun and even make you emotional. Starting from stories of friendship, family to love, everything is presented so nicely for the best Disney movie recommendations.

The popularity of Disney films lies not only in the storyline but also in the characters that become the main characters in a film. This is why there are various recommendations for the best Disney films that are not cartoons but remakes of previous animated films.

That’s why there are some recommendations for the best Disney films that can make you nostalgic again with characters and even stories from legendary animated cartoon films. Call it one of them, namely ALADDIN, which was remade into a non-animated film with the role of a popular Hollywood star.


The best Disney film recommendation is not a cartoon but has a fantasy genre. The first is MALFICENT. The film MALFICENT was released in 2014 played by the famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Apart from Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Harris Dickinson and Michelee Pfeiffer also starred.

Apart from having a fantasy genre, the MALFICENT film also has a family and adventure genre. This film presents the story of a girl named Aurora who is raised by a fairy mother. Aurora is the daughter of Stefan, a man who Malficent once trusted and loved. But Stefan betrayed him, making Malficent feel angry.

That’s why Malficent even cursed Aurora, daughter of Stefan and his wife. Malficent watched the growth of the little boy to adulthood. Although at first he hated Aurora, gradually his affection grew. Aurora grew up in the forest and away from the kingdom to escape Malficent’s curse.

But because she didn’t know, Aurora thought of Malficent as a protective fairy godmother. Malficent’s regret that cursed Aurora began when the little girl grew up. How will their story end? You can watch the MALFICENT film for the first series and the second series entitled MALFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL.


THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA is the best Disney film that you really miss. The film THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA was first released in 2005. This film has a fantasy, family, and adventure genre. Played by a number of well-known stars, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA is present in several series with exciting action adventures.
For the first series titled THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. This film tells the story of the fantasy world of Narnia which is full of interesting things and even secrets. Once upon a time these four siblings namely Susan, Peter, Lucy and Edmund entered the world of Narnia. Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus and took him to his house.

It is here that the four start a new adventure and meet an evil wizard. Furthermore, the four of them want to fight the witch and try to find Aslan, a lion who is said to be able to fight the witch, including controlling life in the world of Narnia. Moreover, their brother, Edmund, turns out to be a witch’s prisoner. Can they save the brother and the world of Narnia? This recommendation of the best Disney films also comes with several different series and titles full of moral messages between friendship, loyalty, brotherhood and love.


The next best Disney movie recommendation is ALADDIN. Of course, you are very familiar with the Aladdin character, which is a popular Disney cartoon character. The animated version of the ALADDIN cartoon was released in 1992. Meanwhile, the non-cartoon version will be released in 2019.

The film ALADDIN is played by famous star Will Smith as a genie. Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Not much different from the animated version, the film ALADDIN also presents the same story, namely between the magic lamp Genie, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin is a poor young man who is often called a street rat. Aladdin has a smart monkey pet named Abu. Once upon a time Aladdin met Princess Jasmine which made his interest grow. Unexpected events occur when Aladdin is asked by Jafar to take a magic lamp which is located in a creepy cave and is even ready to lock up anyone who is greedy.

Betrayed by Jafar, Aladdin eventually became the owner of the magic lamp. He gets three wishes that will be granted by the lamp genie. Until finally the love story between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine begins. This film is full of love stories that make you emotional and even quite entertaining. Moreover, it is accompanied by popular songs that make you not get bored watching.


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is the best Disney film recommendation for the family, fantasy and adventure genres. The film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a remake of the same cartoon film that was released in 1991. Meanwhile, the film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was released in 2017 starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and so on.
The film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has a story almost similar to the animated version. Tells of a prince who was cursed to become a scary monster. The curse started when the Prince met an old beggar who offered him something but he refused. Until finally turning the handsome prince into a beast.

The curse will be destroyed when the Prince gets the sincere love of a woman. Until finally he met Belle who became a prisoner after his father Maurice was found to have stolen roses in his castle. Slowly the two became friends and grew a sense of love. Until finally an unexpected incident occurred when Belle returned home to visit her father. How is the continuation of the story and can the curse be destroyed? You can make the film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the choice for watching the best Disney film recommendations that make you emotional.

5. ‘MULAN’

MULAN is one of the best Disney films that also has an exciting story and makes you emotional. The film MULAN is actually a remake of the animated version that was first released in 1998. Meanwhile for the non-animated version, MULAN was released in 2020.
Played by Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Gong Li and Jet Li, the film MULAN has the action, drama and adventure genres. Even so, there is a touching story presented in the film MULAN that can make you feel overwhelmed. Yes, the synopsis of MULAN tells about the main character, namely Hua Mulan, a woman who disguises herself as a war soldier.

10 Best Disney Movie Recommendations Not Cartoons that Make You Baper, Full of Haru – Romantic Stories

This happened because in his family there was no man other than his father. Even though his father was known to be sick and unable to jump into the battlefield. Until finally Mulan replaced her father and disguised herself as a soldier. In the midst of her disguise, Mulan meets Honghui who makes her fall in love. Unfortunately, Mulan’s disguise is slowly being discovered by other soldiers, which threatens her life. Can Mulan manage to fight and survive? You can watch the excitement of the film MULAN through the Disney+ channel.


THE LION KING is a recommendation for the best Disney films released in 2019. The film THE LION KING is actually a remake of the 2D animated cartoon version in the 90s. THE LION KING film is a 3-dimensional animated version that makes it look real. There are several well-known stars who voice the film THE LION KING. Among them are Donald Glover, Beyonce, and Seth Rogen.
THE LION KING film tells the story of the son of the king of the forest, Simba, after his father’s death due to being killed by his uncle. Simba, who is still innocent, is tricked by his uncle to drive him away from his homeland. Until finally Simba began to realize that his uncle had deceived him and tried to reclaim the throne of the king of the jungle. Can Simba make it to his goal? THE LION KING film is one of the best Disney films that you really miss.


CINDERELLA is one of the recommendations for the best Disney films released in 2015. The CINDERELLA film has the drama, family and adventure genres. Apart from that, CINDERELLA is also a remake of the animated version with the same title.
The CINDERELLA film tells the story of Cinderella or Ella who lives with her mother and stepsisters. At first her stepmother and stepsisters were sweet when her father was still alive. Unfortunately, everything changed and Ella had to do household chores.

Until one day Ella met a handsome prince who made her fall in love at first sight. Ella’s identity that hasn’t been revealed yet makes the Prince want to invite all the girls to the party. Preparing to come to the dance, Ella faces a difficult situation when her stepmother destroys her dress. Until finally Ella got a magic glass slipper that turned her into a beautiful princess.


THE NUTCRAKER AND THE FOUR REALMS is a recommendation for the best Disney films that will also be broadcast in 2018. This film has the adventure, family and fantasy genres. Played by Mackenzie Foy, Keira Knightley, to Morgan Freeman, the film THE NUTCRAKER AND THE FOUR REALMS has an interesting story that will make you never get bored watching it.
Synopsis of the film THE NUTCRAKER AND THE FOUR REALMS tells the story of Clara after the death of her mother. Clara felt her life was destroyed after her mother left. Until one day he gets a gift left by his mother which makes him explore a fantasy world. It turns out that the fantasy world was created by the mother. But he has to face a difficult situation when dealing with Mother Ginger who has evil intentions.


CHRISTOPHER ROBIN is a recommendation for the best Disney films full of friendship stories. Yes, of course you are quite familiar with a number of Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh. The CHRISTOPHER ROBIN film is played by Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Bronte Carmichael and so on.
The CHRISTOPHER ROBIN film, released in 2018, tells the story of adult Christopher Robin meeting Winnie the Pooh. The meeting turned out to have a mission to give happiness again to Christopher Robin who has a number of life problems.

Not only did he meet Pooh, he also met old childhood friends like Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Rabbit and so on. Their friendship grew again and made Christopher Robin feel a little happiness.


The best Disney film recommendation that isn’t another cartoon, namely, JUNGLE CRUISE. This JUNGLE CRUISE film is a fantasy adventure film inspired by the attractions of Walt Disney’s amusement park, also called JUNGLE CRUISE. Make no mistake, this film stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

The story of the film JUNGLE CRUISE is centered on a small boat captain who is asked to take a scientist and his brother through the forest. They are trying to find the Tree of Life which is said to cure all diseases.